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Healthy Lawn

Machesney Park, Loves Park, Rockford, Roscoe il

Signs of a Healthy Lawn

Most of us can easily pick out a lawn that’s been let go: it’s
overgrown with weeds, there are bare spots, or patches of yellow or
brown grass. It should be Thick, green and cool. it should be
welcoming to walk on.
When those visual clues are not obvious, how can you tell if your
lawn is truly healthy and thriving?

What color is it?
Most varieties of grass that thrive in Northern Illinois have a Medium
green to light green color when healthy.

How thick is it?
While a large bare spot on your lawn is obvious, it can be easier to overlook
signs of thinning turf. Take a close look at various places
in your lawn. If
you can look directly down on the grass near your feet and see the soil
underneath, your lawn may be thinning. Remember, in most cases a
healthy lawn is thick and deep, hiding the soil from view.

What does it feel like?
When you walk on a healthy lawn, think of it like a plush carpet: springy,
with a bounce. When you look behind you, your footsteps should
disappear fairly quickly.  This is a sign of a healthy lawn
because the strength and resilience of the grass blades
protects them from natural damage.
On the other hand, if the grass feels brittle, weak, or crunchy
under your feet, or you can still see your footprints in it long after
you’ve walked across, it’s either desperate need of water or the
Lawn is in need of Aeration or Dethatching.

Curb Appeal
There is no substitute for a healthy and attractive Lawn
you can have a beautiful home but if the lawn is
suffering it diminishes theappeal of the house.

Property Value
IIn addition to curb appeal, A healthy lawn also can
increase your Property Value by as much as 7%
according to appraisers estimates.

Water Quality
A healthy Lawn has less Water runoff than a damaged or
Weed filled Lawn. Healthy lawns absorb more rain
water requiring less watering from you.

During the summer lawns can be up to 14 degrees cooler
than exposed soil and up to 30 degrees cooler than asphault.

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