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Lawn Care | Unks Lawn Care | Mowing | Lawn Maintenance | Aeration | Dethatching | Machesney Park il

Lawn Mowin machesney Park, rockton, rockford

We Have a few Openings for Residential Lawn
Care in the Machesney Park area!!!

Lawn Care

Please have all Pet Waste Cleaned up
Prior to our Weekly Visit.

Proper Mowing Techniques are vital to Maintaining a Healthy
sustainable lawn. It is Essential to the health and Density of the turf.
Mowing can also effect water quality. A healthy lawn can reduce
the number of pests and weeds.
A healthy Lawn also prevents soil erosion.
Unks Lawn Care
is trained to mow at Proper heights based on growth rate,
Weather Conditions and Cultural Practices.

The Height of the lawn will vary between 2.50 and 3.75 inches depending
on the type of grass and the time of the Season and Weather Conditions.
The General rule is to not remove more than 1/3 of the total leaf surface
Lawn Mowing is done on a regular basis on the same day
of each week. Weather Permitting.
if bad weather is called for it will be either the day before or
after weather cooperates.
We trim around Trees, Rock Beds, Driveways, Curbs
and other obsticles not reached with mower

A Blower will be be used to clean off Front patios, Driveways and Sidewalks.
if you have pine trees or low hanging
bushes we will only mow as close as we can get with the mowing deck.
Please consider trimming up trees, shrubs and bushes as
it looks nice and you can see to the other side stopping
people that can hide there. also stopping unwanted
animals from living under there.
the idea height to trim up is 3.5 to 4 foot from the ground as shown here.

We can offer:
Bi-Weekly (additional $5) over Weekly.
Lawn Care consists of Mowing with Trimming, Edging and Blowing
off Driveway, Front Patio and Sidewalk.
Or will drop $2.00 off if Trimming and Edging isn't wanted.
or Driveway and Sidewalk Clean off is not wanted.

1 time mowing is $8 over client amount. may be more depending
on height of grass. Will not cut over 12" in height.

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